01. If you are still feeling sick this evening, you should probably go to the [clinic], and speak to the doctor about it.
02. The old man was actually [clinically] dead for over 5 minutes, but was then brought back to life.
03. My son got something in his eye, and we had to take him to the [clinic] to get it out.
04. The receptionist at the dental [clinic] told me I could get an appointment tomorrow.
05. His grandmother is receiving treatment at the Cancer [clinic] every month.
06. My daughter fell and hurt her arm. We took her to our neighborhood health [clinic], but it was closed, so we had to go to emergency.
07. The young girl went to the Birth Control [clinic] to have a pregnancy test.
08. You don't need to go to emergency for a simple thing like a stomachache; just go to your local health [clinic], and they'll help you out.
09. The first birth control [clinic] was opened in England in 1921 by Marie Stopes.
10. I have made an appointment at the physiotherapy [clinic] to see if they can do anything to help me with my elbow pains from playing badminton.
11. A [clinical] breast exam is recommended every year for women over 40.
12. Hong Kong has special medical [clinics] that specialize in the health care needs of children and teenagers.
13. The government is waiting for the results of [clinical] trials of the drug before making it available to the general public.
14. Supplies of medicine and medical equipment in Azerbaijan are in short supply, and many [clinics] are having difficulty providing proper care.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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